LÖSS (2017)

La violenza della sensibilità. Il dolore acuto, ma muto, della perdita. L’eleganza di un corpo nella morbidezza di luci e ombre. La tristezza assume così un sapore dolciastro. Soffuso. Sottile. Si è presenti a se stessi. Denudati. Ma vivi. Accade quando giunge la Morte. E la


Amor Lethaeus (2013)

“Amor Lethaeus” embraces the topic of the oblivion, not only conceived as conceptual removal, but also as physical and material one. The aim of the pictures is to recompose a museum of memories linked to an ended love which, in affliction and separation, wants to

Le ‘Ntuppatedde (2014)

Since 2013, the Festival of Saint Agatha, has obtained a new laic interpretation thanks to the ‘Ntupatedde’s performance,  realized by a group of young women artist from Catania. Taking inspiration from the tradition in vogue between the women of the 1600s and 1800s, they have