Amor Lethaeus (2013)

“Amor Lethaeus” embraces the topic of the oblivion, not only conceived as conceptual removal, but also as physical and material one. The aim of the pictures is to recompose a museum of memories linked to an ended love which, in affliction and separation, wants to be forgotten, effaced. In fact, it’s common knowledge that, in the ancient Rome, the boys and the girls affected by love pain went to the “Amor Lethaeus” sanctuary in order to “oblivia poscere”, that is the act of asking the oblivion. It is the same oblivion dispensed to the souls of the dead by the river “Lete”, so that they can enjoy a sort of peace of mind and they can “revive”. It’s, therefore, a matter of “forced”, “cathartic” and “painful” removal.


7 Luglio 2013


Art, Photography