EXPERIMENTAL SHORT MOVIE | The Stammering Child’s Revenge (2012)

a poem by Ronny Someck
music by Eyal Maoz and Pocket Poetry Orchestra
performed by Ronny Someck

Director: Tahnee Drago
Storyline: Federica Bellone, Elena Demidenko, Tahnee Drago
D.O.P.: Giorgio Marino
Scenography: Elena Demidenko, Tahnee Drago, Salvatore Lo Bianco
Visual Effects: Giuseppe Ferrera
Supervisor: Ambra Stazzone

Accademia di Belle Arti di Catania
Associazione Musicale Etnea


The stammering child’s revenge – a poem by Ronny Someck
Today I speak in memory of the words that once were stuck

in my mouth,

in memory of the teeth wheels that grounded syllables

under the tongue and smelled the gun powder

in the gap between the muzzle and the dusky lips.

I dreamt then of smuggling the words that were packed as stolen goods

in mouth’s warehouses,

of tearing the cardboard wrappings and pulling out the

alphabet toys.

The teacher used to lay her hand on my shoulder saying that Moses too

stammered yet nonetheless he reached Mount Sinai.

My mountain was the girl who set

by me in class, and I did not have fire in my burning bush

to blaze, in front of her eyes,

the words that were burnt by my love for her.


7 Novembre 2012


Video, Videoart